Why work with an ESL Coach?

  • Private sessions allow all the attention to be focused solely on you!
  • Regular, scheduled classes, at times chosen by you, will help you maintain consistency and develop a natural flow of conversational skills.
  • Discover realistic and applicable tools to help you stay motivated.
  • Experience of emotional connection and human interaction play vital roles in security and speaking performance.
  • Facial expression, eye contact and body language techniques will enhance and quickly build your comprehension.
  • Student talk time with critique and feedback is higher than almost all computer and tablet applications.

You’ve read books. You’ve studied. You’ve watched videos. You’ve downloaded too many apps. Isn’t it time you sat down and had some real, face-to-face conversation? Define your own level of success and face the challenge of  real and spontaneous conversation.

Speaking, smiling, and laughing are all natural parts of communication and will help build your confidence while continuing your ESL journey. Are you ready for face-to-face human interaction, and real conversation? Get comfortable, relax, and grab a coffee, English Coffee Talk is waiting for you.

Congratulations, as you are on your way to success! Now you can take control of your learning potential. It’s time to Speak Out Loud! The goal is to train our brains with repetitive practice through speaking out loud. This works, and it lasts.

By working with an ESL Language Coach you can trust that this time your efforts, hard work and commitment will pay off. You will find support and guidance to reach your goals of English fluency. Speaking a second language, or any foreign language isn’t easy, not everyone can do it. But you can.



Total attention, 100% guidance and support

  • Interactive and personal
  • More student talk time
  • Quicker comprehension development
  • Unique Email Coaching Package



Structured. Dynamic. Different.  There is a package for you.

  • Business
  • Friends
  • Open Sessions

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