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erbal communication is a powerful tool, and it takes practice and commitment.  Speaking English with confidence and intention can open doors, create a fuller and richer lifestyle, and quite honestly, change your life. You have nothing to lose by trying to become a more effective English speaker, and everything to gain.

The lotus flower symbol represents English Coffee Talk for so many reasons. The petals have a magnificent ability to cleanse and renew themselves every day.

While improving our minds, like mastering a foreign language, we can ensure success if we allow ourselves to re-blossom.  I am also a lover a yoga, practice meditation  and so, the lotus flower symbolises the more personal and intimate side of who I am.

  • The ultimate goal is to Say It Out Loud!
  • You will be given the talk time you need
  • You will hear the feedback that you have never been given before
  • You will exercise your voice
  • You will experience face-to-face interaction

I believe having a voice and being heard is one of the greatest gifts we have as human beings, and that we all deserve a chance to make connections by accepting this gift. I created English Coffee Talk because I respect and honor communication. I acknowledge that communication is often times better ‘without words’ and it is important to practice times of silence, and other forms of nonverbal communication.

Our mission here at ECT is to guide and support you in your journey to communicate and express yourself in English. The key in your growth towards confidence and success is to lose your inhibitions of sounding strange, being misunderstood, or making mistakes.

I commit fully to your learning and success.  Let’s connect and see how powerful you really are!