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Have you ever met a successful entrepreneur who didn’t speak with confidence? Do you feel you are communicating successfully with clients, colleagues and associates? English Coffee Talk offers a dynamic web conferencing platform where you can fine-tune your speaking abilities.

Business English can be very stressful, and sometimes it can be easier to simply ‘not speak’. We pretend like we understand things, when we really don’t.

With a Business English course you can be sure to gain the security when choosing the expressions and vocabulary you need. Practice and consistency are key in reaching goals, and communication should be at the top of your list in all of your business affairs.  Don’t you agree?

Together we will:

  • Discuss real and personalised topics to enhance your performance on the job
  • Learn respective vocabulary, grammar, and ‘clear question forming’ techniques
  • Review articles to stay current in your field
  • Practice ‘small talk’ and ‘idiomatic expressions’
  • Learn tips on improving pronunciation
  • Learn to achieve quicker and easier comprehension
  • Engage in written exercises and extensions

Whatever particulars you desire, as a collaborative group, is what we will focus on. This is a ‘group’ of professionals signing up as a whole, to save costs.

Participating in a group is attractive for individuals who wish to challenge themselves in a more ‘free speaking’ environment or who desire the speed and fluency of conversing ‘on the spot’. You will find yourself thinking in English, asking questions in English, and getting the consistent practice necessary to maintain and enhance your English speaking skills.