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his package is similar to the Company or Business package, yet your group has been created solely for the purpose of taking English conversation classes together with people you know.  This course is designed to keep you within an intimate group setting, allowing you spend valuable time with friends, while practicing your English.

This group course is designed to challenge your thought processes, inspire you to speak freely, without holding back. This is where you can let all of your insecurities go! This is your space.

This package benefits learners who want to practice what they’ve studied in books or software applications, and put their knowledge into spoken words.

Grammar and comprehension will always stay in focus, but speaking is our priority. I will guide you into self-examination of how you can achieve a more fluid way of expressing yourself, while letting go of your insecurities.

~Similar to ECT’s other group courses, signing up as a group will save you costs, as the cost of this course is divided among the students.  So gather up your friends or family members, and let’s get speaking!  It will be interesting, challenging and fun!