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ave  questions about a few things?  How can you be sure about such an important decision? Making a commitment can be a big deal and sometimes we just feel better having some curiosities satisfied.  Take a peek below at what I find to be some valid, informative and very relative questions regarding your journey to success.

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Why is working with a coach better than watching videos and using apps to learn English?

This is a very valid question! The choice to work with a language coach should be made with 100% clarity and commitment. My suggestion to you is that you try all avenues of learning English, and discover where you feel the most productive, and the most comfortable. Think back to a time where you learned something easily, like a game, a sport or a hobby. Most likely you were good at it because you wanted to be good at it. And you learned quickly because you enjoyed doing it. Was there a time when you didn’t achieve positive results attempting to learn something? Maybe it was a job you took, but didn’t really like. Learning is different for everyone, so what works for some, doesn’t always work for all.

Working with an English coach gives you the chance to practice what you have already studied from a book, were taught in a classroom or watched in a video. I believe if you feel comfortable in a situation, chances are you will keep going to that place. And this is when and where learning happens.

How can I be sure I will speak better by having regular English conversation courses?

As you converse with your native English speaking coach, you will be naturally training your mouth with your eyes and ears. The techniques described as mimicry, mirroring and imitation are all highly recognized and proven methods used in language learning. So, while videos are great for listening and repeating, there is still the lack of communicating through mimicry. These techniques combined, will speed up your comprehension, as well as allow you to actually practice what you have learned. If speaking out loud is important to you, the best way to gain confidence is by actually doing it on a regular basis. Let’s not forget that conversation can be fun! And remember, when you have fun, learning becomes effortless!

Is working with a language coach worth the money?

We all want to get our money’s worth when we buy something, I know I do! This dilemma is very real. In addition, deciding to spend money on a service, rather than on something tangible, may seem even more difficult to measure as we cannot see it or touch it. Take an inventory of things you use every day, and how they enhance your life. Now, really think about how you can use English in your life, or how important it is to communicate for your job or future career. The art of communication, using your voice, and feeling confident are gifts you will not only enjoy in the moment, but that will endure for a lifetime.

Are you ready to challenge yourself, do the work, and not quit? Know that the right coach will encourage you to stick with it. A coach will not succeed if you don’t succeed. A good coach will inspire you, support you and challenge you. The rewards are endless, and the money you spend will have turned itself into the best investment of your life if you dedicate your learning to the partnership. How will you know unless you try?

Why do some people pick up foreign languages more easily than others?

Firstly, a person’s characteristics or personality traits have a lot to do with one’s learning abilities. Secondly, we should consider environmental or situational factors. These are key measures when it comes to adaptation and opportunity that often times are out of our control. And finally, a person’s previous language(s) and development play a vital role in how we learn. This can be early stepping stones we took in our crucial formative years. I believe if we eliminate this question altogether, we will then stop comparing ourselves to others, and the inevitable setup of failure. The truth is anyone, at any age, can learn to speak a second language fluently. Let yourself be your only competition, and know that you make the rules.

Do I need to know about American or British culture to be successful?

This is a great question and extremely important when considering your future success in doing business in any foreign country. First, put yourself in the shoes of someone else coming to your home or business, and think about the level of apprehension and anxiety you might feel. Or has a foreign visitor ever acted with ignorance or disregard for the way you live or manage your business? It may be innocent on their part, however you might not feel comfortable in their presence and prefer to associate with others more accustomed to your way of doing things. This is real. Be prepared, do your research and be respectful. The more business savvy you are, the better. But more importantly, the way you make someone else feel when you are in their territory will essentially earn you respect and chances are, they will invite you back. There is no better feeling than the bond you can create with others so different from yourself. If you can achieve this, I guarantee you the satisfaction will feel like the biggest high you’ve ever experienced.

How does it work?

At ECT, the main thing is that you get in the practice you need. Most individuals spend endless hours studying, and have the fundamentels to speak, yet sometimes lack the opportunity to use what they know in ‘live’ conversation. I have devised various packages to work with you in a variety of scenarios.  I will send you the cost for each package during your first free consultation, and then you can decide which course fits your needs. The purpose of working with a language coach is to get you motivated and speaking. I cannot stress enough how important the regularity of using your English is, that is, actually speaking out loud to another person.

If you want to be fluent, enjoy the ease of speaking and comprehension, then this is the right place for you. Click on the free consultation button anywhere in ECTs website, and set up your appointment now. We will communicate via email, and then you will be sent a link to the Zoom virtual web meeting room, with a time to enter. You do not need to have the Zoom app.