ere’s what our students are saying. See how learning conversational English with English Coffee Talk changes the way you think, feel and reach your full potential.

It really is about you and your goals.

Believe in yourself, like so many others did on their journey to success, and see how you too can be a fluent and confident English speaker.  Please join in, use your voice to express what you already know..and see for yourself how good you will feel when you finally start speaking out loud. English Coffee Talk is waiting for you.

I am waiting for you.

I travel a lot as a musician, so speaking with other artists is common for me. I used to be more nervous having conversations offstage than I did performing onstage! In Tanya’s class we practiced real life scenarios that helped me to prepare for meetings and social events.  I loosened up so much, and in a few months, I was a rock star off-stage too! Thanks Tanya!
Eugenio CugnoliBassist Liguria, Italy
Tanya gives Mike care and personalizes the content, and because of that, he became a good student at GVE. Mike was a student that never liked to learn. At his own school, Mike has a lot of improvement, his parents are very grateful for Tanya.
GVE - Golden Voice Englishfrom Parent of student
Tanya is very lively, and she praises Kevin sincerely. Kevin’s previous tutoring didn’t lead him well, and he wasn’t very active. In addition, Tanya can lead him in free talk, allowing him to learn and practice saying what he wants to say, going beyond the lesson material.
GVE - Golden Voice Englishfrom Parent of student
In 2012, I started working with Tanya to improve my English conversational skills.  I was shy and afraid of making mistakes. Not only did I gain the confidence I needed but I learned more idiomatic expressions and daily life vocabulary that I could truly use. I got so much more than I was expecting.  I would definitely recommend Tanya as your English coach!
Simona CintiMarkets Cruise Specialist at Costa Cruises -Genoa, Italy
I am a little shy by nature, so my goal with English conversation classes was to learn how to open up, and feel confident about what I had to share. Tanya was able to make me laugh, and tell stories, and I really enjoyed speaking with her. I learned some great American slang and so many expressions that I never knew existed! Each lesson, I was surprised by how much more I could learn, and how easy it was to use it in real life too!
Marco ZironiLaw Enforcement Officer Genoa, Italy
Tanya always presents lesson material in an advanced, yet level appropriate way, which makes Jack enjoy and engage during his sessions, keeping him motivated. Jack is a very serious student, and doesn’t like a teacher who treats him as a child.
GVE - Golden Voice Englishfrom Parent of student
Taking conversation lessons with the English Coffee Talk team was amazing! I never thought that I could take my English knowledge to a different level. Is it completely a different experience since we were all girls with the same likes, interests and passions for traveling. Tanya is a smart, talented and sensitive teacher that knows how to manage a lesson for adults. Tanya thank you for all the shared knowledge, for your time, and your lessons.
Cynthia QuinteroAdministrative & Accountant Assistant - Del Mar Los Cabos, Palmilla, San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico
Coaching sessions with Tanya was exactly what I needed. I am a beginner, and think I wouldn’t understand. I feel good about speaking English, and conversations help me to think and write music in English too. ECT classes online are fun, and once a week is perfect for my schedule. I am learning a lot and work better with my art students now too. I am so happy I met Tanya!
Flora CotaArtist/Songwriter Baja California Sur, Mexico